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DJ Bishow’s “K Huncha Vanera” feat. Yabesh Thapa premiering at Club Fahrenheit

This will be the first time we will get to watch Yabesh Thapa in a music video. Attempts have been made earlier to bring him on screen during the making of “Jhari”, his second official release; but it only had few glimpses of his performance in the video. DJ Bishow’s “K Huncha Vanera” featuring Yabesh Thapa […]

Easi 12’s brand new EP “Takin’ Chances”.

Our very own Easi 12 has lately dropped his EP ‘Takin’ Chances’. With fresh tunes and a little variation from his ‘Sick-jam Songs’, Easi has packed 7 tracks to this extended play. What’s even cooler is that you will get to hear other artists: Duke and Ace T featuring in his tracks. Unquestionably, you can expect burst […]

Ae Mutu, all set for the release

Yabesh and Zeroo have recently come up with their yet another mellow number ‘Ae Mutu’ written about a year ago, Yabesh says that the song in itself is him conversing with his heart.He says that with the song, he is trying to portray his experiences as a teenager who is looking out for eternal love. The one like […]

DJ Bishow’s “Project Collaboration” with VEK and Fuzz Factory Productions

Next up, we have Vek X DJ Bishow in the house, collaborating for the first time. Their upcoming number, titled “Confession”, is currently under-production. The song is from DJ Bishow’s musical venture: “Project Collaboration”. Vek, once again, has powered the song with his ‘top-notch’ vocals. Likewise, DJ Bishow, who is a Nepali producer based in USA, has done a […]